Our Story

rupa souk_1Our family is from a village in India called Ode (poetic, right?). 

 Back in the 60s, our parents packed up their belongings and left Ode to head west…Far West, over a few oceans, to a place you might know...New Jersey (exotic, right?). But since childhood, we have been lucky enough to cross oceans and cultures to explore new places.  Whether it was trips back to Ode or to visit family and friends in far flung places, we learned just how magical home can be when it is a place with amisha cab resizedno borders.

When we started Ode, we wanted the clothes to evoke faraway places without looking like souvenirs.  We wanted the collectio ns to be modern and hip, but most importantly, fun and fanciful!

We hope our ode to all of the whimsy, joy and love that characterized our childhood will give you an everyday way to make the world a little bit smaller for your child.




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