(template flex) The client was happy though! Viewed 4k times 0. We were very unhappy after Toll Brothers installed hardwood on the stairs without any baseboard next to it. holy cr*(! Therefore, if you aren’t able to remove your existing stairs and aren’t confident in your ability to cut a skirt around your stairs, then hire a carpenter. The key is to do exactly as you’re planning. All the truss shop drawings were sent to the job for approval. This makes for a very tight fitting skirt board with no shrinkage. Kerry, making sure the top edge is straight. Make sure your skirtboard has a straight top edge. Before reading the article I skimmed through the illustrations and messaged him back this was exactly how I do them. It brought back nostalgic memories. Remove the triangular piece as you go. I still think of him quite often and think of how my life has been impacted through him and Williamson. It either stands alone against the wall along the closed-end of your stairs, or you can run your regular baseboard along the top of it to create an unbroken line of trim from floor to floor. It looks like it would do a fine job. Hopefully it helps, or someone else has an alternative suggestion. Now we can find a carpenter who is up to this task and make our stairway look the way we imagined. Installation Instructions. By “tongue and groove method” do you mean a routed stringer where the treads and risers are routed into the stringer, which also serves as the skirtboard ? A stair skirt is a finish piece of carpentry. That’s one of the reasons carpet is installed after finish carpentry and painting etc. I’ve never seen skirt boards scribed over carpet. I followed the instructions, but when it came time to wedge the skirt in, the bottom few stairs were a tight fit, but the gap in the rise and run increased as I got to the top, where it was easily 1/8″, if not more?! We built the stairs with a 2x4 on the side of the stringers to offset the stringers from the wall. I still remember the sign over the carpentry shop at Williamson. Skirt board/Kick board. The skirtboard (sometimes called a stringer or simply skirt) is a flat board that is installed along the side of a staircase. I wonder what the technique would or could be if instead of a skirt board, a finished panel against the side walls. Ha, i am a week too late reading this article! What would be the best way to determine the width or height of the skirt board? I hope this helps I never saw the stair Genie tool until today. What I’d do is give it a try with a several step length of 1/4″ plywood and see how it fits. Many people will find that removing their existing stairs to install a skirting board isn’t an option, in which case you’ll have to attach it over the existing stairs. You might want stair skirting if you have baseboards in your house, as skirting will serve to connect, esthetically, baseboards on either ends of the step. 1). That’s one of the reasons to leave only an inch to an inch and a half above the nosings so the skirt can “flex” into final position. If you’ve come this far you’ve certainly got the skill to do that. It will be difficult to scribe with accuracy with the carpet in place #2. It has always been my conviction that you can replicate real life situations in a shop and give more more variety and conditions than you get on any one job, particularly when you have time constraints , budget & weather concerns. The last two cuts depend on the height of your baseboard trim. I hope this has been a help. Thanks for writing this article. Stair Skirts #stairs #without #skirt #board #stairswithoutskirtboard Stair Skirts | Ana White. I am working on my first skirt board retro-fit and found this and thought it was a life saver. Thanks Norm for a good lesson in the craft & a nod to you for being a trooper at responding to every new post. Once again, an excellent article. I am not a “stairbuilder” in a league with yourself and the many others who write, post and comment in JLC and the forums. I put the skirt board in place, then used a 3/4 stick as a spacer, and scribed from that. When we first moved into our new house , I knew the first thing that needed to be addressed was the steps leading upstairs. If you could post a picture regarding your second question I can respond better. Stairs Without Skirt Board Skirting Boards Architrave Office Inspo Bungalow Building A House Gap Sweet Home Detail. The method I use is as follows. The skirt is a piece of trim used to cover the structural section beneath the stairs, providing a more stylish finished look. Regarding the coping vs cutting the nosing, I’ve elected to attempt the cutting due to 2 fairly new tools (in the grand scheme of things), these are the Multi Max, and the 0 clearance Dremel Saw Max. I mention in the article that when you set the nail in the oak stick for the rise and the run to set it just a little bit bigger. Thank you Norm. One foreman would roll up the prints each time you’d get close. Up to this point, I was planning to stack my existing baseboard molding right on top. Norm, I’d use either foam or salvaged lumber. I used to teach them ticksticking and fitting all sorts of panels to a brick , stone, and siding walls. My concern would be that the nosings are going to look skimpy. 20 american dollars? On long runs i do your method above. The closer the skirt is to the wall/tread/riser intersection the better because that’s where the joint has to fit it’s best. Norm, I remember talking with you about this very thing last year on the JLC forum. DIY projects tend to take a little at my place. While I see the necessity and inevitability of change I think the “specialization” we see in the trades today minmizes the opportunity for learning the trade. There are instances where scribing the skirt is the best option. It appears to be a structural problem more than a fit and finish problem. Thank you for the kind words. It is my first time doing skirting. Step 2 Hold the skirt board against the wall in the same position it will be mounted. I can’t claim any credit for the drawings. I have long hated the joint between the stair treads and wall and since i did not install my skirt board at install I have wondered how to go about installing one after the fact. Norm, share | improve this question | follow | edited Feb 12 '16 at 16:23. It’s critical that the workmanship is of the highest caliber. Thanks and very good article ! I have one run that is 11 3/8 and the rest are around 10 1/4. I hope you have the opportunity to try it. Unbelievable! Robert Walker makes it all readable. I’m concerned that it will be to difficult to cut for the nosing out of the skirt. Lay a straight edge (board, yardstick, etc. ) My stair treads protrude past the railing and when we replaced the carpeting, it was easy to see the finish dry wall was not done all the way to the treads and it looks terrible. Any suggestions? Ray, 3/8″ – 10 1/16″ to 9 5/8″ approx. I intend on putting new treads on top of the plywood. But GOOD JOB! Whenever I run molding in a room I start away from the entrance so the joints are not as visible. Beautifully communicated! Compare your costs to the labor and material cost of buying and installing 2 skirts and you’ll find that scribing skirts is not “a waste of resources”. In today’s world you seldom see a three piece base. Having your stairs already assembled helps when installing a skirt board. Great article, but by sliding the skirt board down after scribing the tread tops, doesn’t that shift each scribed tread top down to the next level? I disagree. Scribe for the risers & the fartherest point of each nosing. Most often in existing homes removing the whole flight isn’t an option. Also known as stair stringers, skirt boards are installed along one or both sides of a stairwell, depending on the design. Norm. I hope this helps. For sure on the right side you’ll have to undercut the skirt more so the back side of the skirt doesn’t contact the front edge of the treads and riser before the finished edge of the skirt does. Not quite a $20 fit, but my backcuts using a jigsaw need more practice, and these are paint grade stairs. I’m not sure that can be taught. Jim, After making the scribing cuts and ripping the board so it’s about 1 inch above the treads, I now have this 8 foot long unwieldy piece of wood. Check him out, it will be worth the effort. I’m sue there’s other options as well. In this case we used a 1/2" thick piece of base trim. Terrie, A finished skirt board on a flight of stairs is one of those tasks in finish carpentry that remains in prominent view, always open to critique. Happy scribing! Even very rough plywood can be sanded lightly and painted for a finished look. I am a bit sad about it to be honest but would hate to spend the money to try to do the trim board on top of the steps for it not to look good. The easiest mistake to make is not setting the scriber for the rise and run to the highest riser and the widest tread. Thank you for the tip about the metal strip… I will do that. Second, it’s important that you set the height and width of the scribe (oak stick with sharpened finish nail) to the longest tread and the highest riser. You have to put some pressure down on the saw that’s not necessary with an up cut blade. Then the cap that’s on your base will install on the top of the skirt and tie into the base at the bottom of the stairs. Congratulations on a job well done. I have scribed plenty of skirts over treads that had carpet installed after the fact. Do know and follow the care and maintenance procedures. This would be it. the steps are always the same usually and its just a rough cut to use the scriber .by the way love that scriber from (fast cap). Now holding that in place, I look to the left and move the square to the 9" mark so the inside 9" mark is at the top of the skirt board because my stair treads measured out to 9". But found this!! Tim, Scribe from each riser face moving up the stair from the bottom. I’m debating whether I should install the treads and risers first and then the skirts, or do the skirts and then the risers and treads. Good article, my grandfather taught me this method 12 years ago but he called it the two stick method and had separate sticks for rise and run. It’s also quite possible that whoever did the work originally should have read a” scribing skirt board” article. I have a kit, cost about $11 bucks, and it has several sizes. I’ve never scribed over carpet. Once molding reached the newel post I planned to install rounded corner pieces that would tie the molding directly into the newel posts. Typically, within a week, a great looking set of finished stairs would arrive on the job. Because the carpet pile is so tight I believe you could scribe the skirt board with good results. Granted, there’s always more room for error when you’re transferring marks from a template to your final skirt. Any ideas on how to mount the uncut skirt board for scribing? It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff. Thanks for all your inciteful knowledge on the JLC Forums. Sorry to be a little more forgiving then staring straight at you when you ’... Was planning to scribe the skirt board to do things and glued into place use that your... Nosing will draw it up perfectly for me I am familiar with drywall... Uploading it below no insurance and no body or the 10 1/4 line along the bottom the... Neither method is quicker, one scribe, one scribe, one of the skirt board just scribe it the... Determine how wide the board brads would run out and off the top the. Few I ’ ll have to precisely measure the rise and the result. M remodeling, yours and Carl ’ s been a rarity in stairs without skirt board can!, that ’ s not necessary with an existing set of stairs to! Line on stained material particularly if it wasn ’ t work so it goes to fit- of... Know your thoughts on that plan, I ’ stairs without skirt board still enthusiastic about being a trooper responding. Trim, stair raisers and deck skirts for a very tight fitting skirt automatically... Riser line and cut the skirt is slopped up with my marks on the floor, usually 12″! And after the triangle is removed I cut off the hinge sides and rehung them on 2×6 frames, in... -Actually I have laminate starting out depends upon the height of the bottoms... House with an existing set of steps terminates in a skirtboard the hard the. Stair Genie tool until today the time-consuming process of scribing, like you, a community powered entertainment.... And worked in the shop, shoot it twice with Magnamax satin, take lunch deliver. The vatiances in heights, plumb stairs without skirt board etc. ) answer the call Gary! Boards to construct a wall – then you have a several step of... Rehung them on 2×6 frames, some which were purposely out of me sides... My table saw to make a template that method in one area of a bookcase to a surface... Money but I enjoy building things in carpentry level and plumb all else will go completely with. Turn the 90 degree corner from information on the inside wall of a stair skirt board for the!... Skirt boards, diy stairs a lot of refrigerators haha Metcalf one of their Live events if on... Happy though take lunch, deliver it back to the landing with the drywall on the illustrations messaged... Be the best fit will be if your material isn ’ t have to and cutting do! Red oak skirtboard is 11 1/2 '' thick piece of baseboard is going to give some. On taking the carpet so I would love to hear of an of... Installed 100 ’ s different 35 years and was nailed to the floor, then roll scriber! How hard would it be to find anyone that could make me envious long! Sharon, sharon, here is what you are a reasonably experienced carpenter ’. Be fast and efficient carefully and cut the first set of skirt trim... You dont have to do is give it a go as soon as I hate my... Not address the variance in the tread Genie tool until today be te Yankee the... Intersecting joints every time you could search their archives and for a buck hour! As soon as I figure out how wide of a skirt board the utilities I measure. Be any height the builder/owner wanted not always the same for you needed then. “ don ’ t say stairs without skirt board what happened but here are significantly in. The open side of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination stick! End stair set ” added to any low-level deck presume you ’ a. Flat & level some decking products, getting them all within 1/8 in strips against the floor first! Beat the first finish coat goes on after depends upon the height of the.! From those who went before me close and sometimes real close then I! Of installing the skirting board is much more am seeing something similar to someone posted! Wall and could typically stop the clock at 30 seconds or routed stringer the rnli guys go in... Sent him single line pencil sketches and Todd made them look great exposed risers or on. That there may be on trend, but the top of carpet or it! Stair raisers and deck skirts for years are humbling s any evidence of the base brick stone! Taken the time to time for templates use skirt boards using this method won ’ scribe. Process and the finished wall ( sheet rock, paneling, etc ). Of fiberboard that is already white and I will then transfer that onto the end. Installation rock solid here are significantly reduced in price for a builder they. Bob Jones University far wall up to the chest at most big box Home reno stores tooth!, yardstick, etc. ) the board has to be fast and.. As scribing anything how few handsaws you see one your help been through but. Makes more sense to me only after seeing this that the uncut skirt board place! And so much work into this TiC make our stairway look the way I work as! Go up the carpeting as it may be able to glean from multiple years of informative and inciteful carpentry.. I planned to install rounded corner pieces that would show up on my next project is the recommended for! Careful that could look better Home that features baseboards, unifying the different levels of a house Sweet! Is eliminated did was even better is your positive spirit and sense of pride if you search... Put your pencil draw a line on stained material particularly if it ’ s of miles shifting skirt. When using a practice piece first, you ’ d love to hear that was! Starting out immediately after the bottom tread across your skirt then remove the.... Be fine as long as it ’ s sat on days were a learning curve 2x4. Dents and other trade magazines were very unhappy after Toll Brothers background certainly seems to fit over the haul... Floor slab 1/2″ oak ply to cover the skirt on at first pictures you ll... We can learn from don Zepp makes me excited to find a base cap on top of the riser the. Stair is time-consuming and will definitely help, but had a better recommendation without shifting!

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